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Global Experience, Locally Available

Making Space Consulting


Global Experience - Locally Available

Free to:

  • Churches
  • Community Groups
  • GSAs and PFLAGs
  • Coops
  • Not-for-Profits


is no longer in business. We weren't making any money but still had to pay property taxes as long as we were offering services on a Web stte with the expectation of making money. So now we only offer pro bono services. This space is a place to share my knowledge and capabilities with organizations I would like to volunteer with.

Do you need to...

                           - Clear away outmoded concepts?

                -Dismantle process roadblocks?

                                             -Oil the hinges of rusty thinking?

                          -Create openings for innovation? 

We Can Help with:

          –Problem Solving Sessions

                –Action Planning Meetings

                      –Decision Making Processes

                                 –Learning Events

What is Making Space?

Sometimes you can’t make things happen, you have to let them happen. Sometimes you have to clear the weeds, plant the seed, and then walk away and let the flower grow.

Many managers have only been taught one way of managing: to direct and control every detail of every initiative. They have been taught to believe that nothing will happen if they don’t make it happen. But this is not the only way it can be.

Making Space Consulting focuses on helping you see where you need to control and where you need to make space for your people to use their own initiative. Then we work with you to plan and design a series of facilitated workshops and learning events that clear out the barriers to the change you want, give your people the skills and understanding they need to make change happen, and create the climate where change can grow.