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Making Space Consulting

Making Space Publishing

As a part of the values of Making Space, we have started publishing books and offering self-publishing and editing assistance to new writers.

Here are our current offerings:

Off Season: A Novel of Healing.

This novel follows 5 months in the life of a victim of sexual assault as she works through the traumas in her life, her relationships, her church, and her community.

Available on Amazon at Off Season and from Kindle

Off Season

Seeking God: Finding God's "Both/And" in an "Either/Or" World.

This work seeks to help us escape the "Not in my tent" thinking that often leads to religion separating us, not bringing us together. It uses word pictures of anchors and seekers, slingshots and cotton candy, pottery jars and moons to help us learn to escape the words we use to talk about God and get to a direct experience of the Divine, the Universal Absolute, that brought the Universe into existence and lives inside each one of us.

Available on Amazon at Seeking God

Seeking God

Lead Your Group to Success: A Meeting Leader’s Primer: Principles, Practices, and Values of Meeting Facilitation

A practical guide to the first steps to successfully leading meetings, this volume also helps you develop the mindset and values of a facilitator through examination of process and content values and how to help your participants move away from closed-down positions to sharing concerns, considerations, and constraints that are the basis of working together.

Available on Amazon at Lead Your Group and from Kindle.